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Lancelot/Gwaine drabble

A piece of Lancelot/Gwaine silly sweetness written as a gift for the Merlin Games Christmas drabble section.

Gwaine couldn’t help but stifle a wolfish grin when he found Lancelot alone in the armoury, replacing and checking the weapons (a servant’s job yes, but Gwaine knew that Lancelot felt uncomfortable with servants doing things for him); the gorgeous knight had been winding him up all day with his beauty and his gallantry. What he wouldn’t love more than to see the virtuous knight come undone by his own hands. He pictured it in his chambers most nights before he went to sleep, the other man underneath his hands, twisting and turning in the agony of pleasure.

“Gwaine?” and Lancelot looked at him again with infuriating innocence that made the blood from his head rush much further south, it was all he could do to bite down on a moan. Looking into those warm, welcoming brown eyes he wished that he could find some sign that he understood what Gwaine wanted. Sometimes he thinks he can see something more in Lancelot’s sweet face, some desire breaking through self imposed walls of propriety. It was time to take the risk.

Gwaine moved closer to the other man, until he was standing, almost leering over the other knight. Lancelot looked a bit confused but did nothing more than place his sword back on the rack and continue to watch him, his eyes a little wary but still welcoming.
They stayed in silence, eyes locked and almost daring each other until Gwaine finally reached out and placed a hand on Lancelot’s cheek. As Lancelot’s eyes fluttered closed and he drew a pleasured breath, Gwaine knew he could take no more so he removed the gap between their bodies and smashed their lips together. He was waiting for and dreading the resistance he expected to follow but was pleasantly surprised when he felt soft, warm lips comply under his own.
Now on the bench Lancelot was sitting on, he had one hand threaded through thick, brown locks and the other holding his right arm, as if he was afraid Lancelot would come to his senses and leave if he let go. But lips still continued to explore one another, tasting and testing boundaries. Gwaine took this moment to take his right hand and explore the now exposed patch of skin at Lancelot’s enticing waist.

“Wait” Lancelot’s voice was unsure; the dilemma of the situation floating in his eyes, Gwaine knew they were at the breaking point so he had to handle this softly.
Gently guiding the gallant knight’s eyes until they met his own, he brushed his thumb over soft, pliant lips, “We don’t have to do this if you don’t want” he almost whispered, “But, I would very much like to”.
The worry and indecision still haunted the shorter man’s eyes and Gwaine feared that he had made a mistake. Getting up to leave, a hand suddenly grabbed at his wrist forcing him to turn and see a determined look on Lancelot’s beautiful face.
Lancelot stood up and drew level with him, “As do I” Lancelot finally managed to say, eyes as clear and strong as Gwaine was used to seeing on the battlefield. Gwaine bit his lip as Lancelot moved even closer, so close he could feel the heat of his body passing through their tunics.

“My virtue is yours” Lancelot whispered sultrily into his neck and Gwaine felt a shudder of excitement vibrate through his entire body.
Lancelot pulled away suddenly and Gwaine felt his heart fall until he saw the decidedly un-virtuous look on the other man’s face. “My chambers?” he grinned. This time he didn’t fight the groan of pleasure that escaped his lips, what he was going to do with that lovely mouth.
“Of course” he returned the grin and just about stopped himself from breaking out into a sprint to Lancelot’s chambers.



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